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“Preschool Book Talks”

“Book Talks,” is a preschool program at St. Stanislaus School developed by Mrs. Powers to provide her students the opportunity to share a favorite piece of literature with their classmates.  Each week, a few of our preschool children will be responsible for leading a “preschool style” “Book Talk.”  Layla Harnum was delighted to present her favorite book The Princess Tea Party.

Parents help their child to prepare for this by guiding him/her in choosing a book as well as by assisting him/her in preparing and practicing for his/her oral presentation (a brief summary of the book, including characters, setting, a sequential retelling of the main events in the story, and why he/she chose or liked the book). 

We look forward to this new activity and the possibilities it affords children to:

We welcome this opportunity to bridge home and school in our children’s education.

Our Guest Reader Program

Reading doesn’t just happen. It is a skill that must be nurtured from a child’s earliest years.  To help foster a love of reading at this young age, Mrs. Powers’ preschoolers will be visited by a Secret Guest Reader each week.  Their first secret guest reader was Mrs. Corridan, the mother of Hannah Corridan.  She arrived this week to read one of Hannah’s favorite stories, The Easter Egg by Jan Brett to our classTo enhance the story being read, Mrs. Corridan bought an Easter egg art project along with her for the visit followed by a yummy treat! Preschool parents are encouraged to read daily to their children and be a reading role model to help nurture their love of books.  The children can’t wait to see who will visit next. The program will extend through the end of the school year.

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