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8th Grade - Click Here for Curriculum Brochure

Mrs. Bousquet - 8th Grade
Office Hours: GR7 Tuesday 7:45am-8:10am
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March Web Memo-Grade 8

March is indeed coming in like a lion!  All these snow days, early dismissals, and delays are playing havoc with all our plans and schedules.  Yet, we are making great progress and looking forward to sharing our work with you at VIP Day and the Cultural Fair.
In literature class we have begun our study of the historical novel, Johnny Tremain.  This book, with main characters that are 14 to 18 years old and a setting in. 1770’s Boston, is quite relevant to our eighth graders.  Its central theme is coming of age in difficult and unsettling times, and they can relate to that.  In addition, we will get to see many of the sites from the book when we travel to Boston for our field trip in May.
Our studies in religion centers on the major changes in society from the 1700’s until the 1900’s, and how the church took stands to meet with these revolutions, both political and cultural.  Father Joe is coming in to serve as a guest lecturer every other Friday. This is a great opportunity for the students to discuss religious issues that concern them. 
In vocabulary class we are up to chapter 11 and continuing our efforts to expand our personal word banks.  Here are the words we are currently studying.

appease     belated     calamitous     cite     conventional     decoy     delve     ensue     gallantry     impart     judicious     mediate     milieu     outlandish     overbearing     pert     quirk     regale     shiftless     taint

I encourage families to use these words at home so that the students will become more fluent with them.
English lessons are continuing on with the study of verbals.  We have mastered gerunds and are moving on to past and present participles.  In addition, we are using diagramming to help identify all parts of the sentences.

Enjoy the month of March and your preparations for Easter.  God Bless.

Mrs. Bousquet



Dear families of the Saint Stanislaus Junior High, 

I am so excited to be meeting the 7th grade students I have for Math as well as the 8th grade I will be working with in science.
A bit of information about myself, I have been teaching for over 20 years in public education and, although this is my first year at Saint Stanislaus, I have much experience with Massachusetts standards in both of these domains. My son, Joshua, is going off to college this year - so I have the time at home to devote to my spiritual development - and teaching is a large portion of that.
 This year I am here on a part-time basis, every day. I am a member of the parish and tend to go to the 10 O’clock mass on Sunday. I participate in the ministry of care saying the rosary at elderly communities within Chicopee. I live in Connecticut. My visit to the church here is what brought me to your school.

My goal is to assist students in finding success. One needs to reach in order to achieve, and together with God's grace, our goals can be met. Rigor is met with reward and I take great pride in the stellar efforts of the students. I put great effort in preparation so that the students have the best opportunity to achieve. The teaching team here is simply fantastic.

Grade 7 Math -You are going to be working in an accelerated pre-algebra program that has a pace that allows for continual review throughout the year. The first Chapter (7 lessons) deal with the language of algebra. I will create a monthly calendar that will be distributed so you will always know what topics are coming up as well as the quiz and test dates. You will learn how to use your notebook to assist you in studying. You may be thinking "Great, I really don't enjoy math", well I didn't either at your age - so I do a lot to demonstrate that all is manageable and that your notebook is your friend.

Gr. 8
 Science - We have a sizable class and we are right next to the lab! The first two chapters of your text deal with describing motion as well as the “Laws of Motion”. There is an interesting Chapter on sound and light as well as on chemical reactions and equations. I will be working with students using a rotational schedule; each group will have their task on rotation days, working in their group of six in addition to our whole class lab activities and class notes. This takes great planning and management and it is all worth it.
I enjoy the Junior High age group, it is a time of great development spiritually, emotionally and mentally. The theme this year;
"One Heart, One Spirit, One Lord" - will guide our year together

I look forward to meeting all you next week and your families at Open House September 11th!

Ms. Benson


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