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5th Grade - Click Here for Curriculum Brochure - Extra Help Schedule

Mrs. Piekarczyk - 5th Grade
Office Hours:  Friday 7:45-8:15


They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  This year March certainly came in like a lion!  March is a busy time for us.  Grade 5 takes the IOWA tests, plans a Lenten prayer service, and attends Stations of the Cross.

Also, in March, are VIP/Grandparents Day and the Cultural Fair.  This year grade 5 focused on China.  The Students worked on researching the dynasties, New Year, and many other topics.

In Reading, our stories will focus on Adventurers.  Who goes seeking adventure and why is the focus of this unit.

Fifth grade Social Studies is completing their study of the thirteen colonies and the road to revolution.  This is an interesting period in our history as we learn why the different colonies were founded and what happened to lead us to revolution.

Fourth grade Social Studies is now learning about the West.  We are learning about the region that spreads from the Rocky Mountains all the way to Alaska.

Sixth grade Social Studies is completing a unit on Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Siberian Russia.  We will soon start a unit on Southwest Asia.  This is the place where Asia, Africa, and Europe meet.  Some of the world’s earliest civilizations began here.  This will be an interesting unit.

Please remember to visit the textbook websites.  There are several activities and self check quizzes.  Review notes on a daily basis, this will help for quizzes and tests.

Mrs. Piekarczyk



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