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4th Grade - Click Here for Curriculum Brochure

Mrs. Bizon - 4th Grade
Office Hours: Friday 7:45-8:10am

April 2018
We’ve made it through March with the completion of IOWA testing, snow days, and our Cultural Fair.  We had a beautiful week of Holy Week activities to end Lent and hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.
Fourth grade will continue to discuss the Lenten and Easter Seasons and the many appearances of Jesus after his death and resurrection.  This will lead up to Ascension and Pentecost.  Our daily religion lessons continue to focus on each commandment and its meaning for us.
My reading group will begin reading “Secret School” together with an activity to end the book.  This is a good way to practice reading and comprehension skills.  It is also a good introduction to the time period that goes along with our upcoming field trip to Sturbridge Village.  Both groups continue to learn new vocabulary as they complete their weekly lessons in their vocabulary books.
Fourth grade science brings us to the area of Physical Science.  Here we will discuss matter and its properties with many activities to reinforce the concepts.  This section allows for a lot of hands-on activities.
Fifth grade science continues with Earth Science.  We are just finishing the topic of rocks and minerals and changes in landforms.  We will be moving on to discussing our earth and its place in the solar system.
Sixth grade is studying in the Life Science section.  We have been learning about plants and how they reproduce.  We will also discuss their functions of photosynthesis and respiration.  From there, we will move on to animals.

I hope everyone will have an enjoyable vacation in April.  Remember that when we come back from vacation we still have two months of work to complete.  Everyone needs to continue to do their best.  Staying focused is really important!

Mrs. Bizon

Mrs. Benson - 4th Grade
Office Hours: Friday 7:45-8:10am

Grade 4 Websites:




Scott Foresman Science
Interactive website that correlates with our classroom textbook

Planet Earth and Beyond-Sites for Children

Animals, space, weather, and geology. Extensive list of sites.

Gives an overview of many chemistry related topics. Also has links to
physics, biology, and geography.

Online exhibits on fun topics like chocolate, astronomy, and sport science. ]

Patent and Trademark Office Kids' Pages

Learn about inventions with this interactive site filled with games, lessons, and contests!

Why Files
"The science behind the news."

Ask Dr. Universe
Read through interesting questions and answers or submit your own
question and Dr. Universe will get the answer from scientists at Washington State University


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