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Mrs. Dziok - Computer Teacher
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Hello Spring! ( We hope!)

We had an exciting start to our month by concluding our study of the Iditarod Sled Dog race and following our mushers into Nome in Grades 4 and 5!  We learned about the geography, the animals, the terrain, and the weather of Alaska.  We also learned about the history of the Iditarod race, and how all of these factors can contribute to the outcome of the “Last Great Race.”

Grade 4 students will spring into April by following up with their study of the Pilgrims and Wampanoags in the Autumn of 1621, and recording their conversations between the cultures at the time of the First Thanksgiving.  They will be using the iPads to record their stories.

DiscoveryStreaming through Discovery Education has allowed our students to learn about events that affect our history and our world with video, interactive experiments, speeches, and photos.  This wonderful tool is being used by many teachers to introduce lessons, conduct virtual experiments, and view photos and video to help our students absorb the content of their studies. 

Grade 6 students will be using Discovery Education to create an interactive “Board Poster” about a particular country by researching using the Discovery Atlas and using the Board Builder. 

Grade 5 students are creating their Movie Reviews of Holes in a Microsoft Word format.  Fifth graders will also begin learning about the American Revolution through Discovery Education and creating a Discovery Board about what they learned.  They are learning research skills by completing worksheets using activities and the Fact Monster websites.  They are able to identify key words to help them find their answers on listed websites, and are sharpening their reading skills.

Grade 7 students have been creating animated gifs using the Frames program. Their next projects will be to create an interactive PowerPoint presentation to share with their Advent Friends using a “Fractured Fairy Tale” format.

Grade 8 students will continue with a collaborative project in English and Computer classes to compile information from a collection of books into an online interactive digital poster, including excerpts from books, web sites, and multimedia.  Student are completing their learning of the basics of CAD programs through constructing architectural buildings in a collaborative project with the Art teacher and computers using the Sketch Up program.  They will learn this creative computerized design program to create their own unique architecture of their buildings and grounds.

Kindergarten through Grade 2 are creating wonderful winter pictures using our Pixie program, as well as learning curriculum-enhancing skills using Internet-based lesson.  Kindergarten and First grade students have begun using the website, which is an entire beginning learner curriculum, enhancing Reading and Math skills.  This website also has a parent segment.  

Grade 3 students are learning research skills using the Internet and websites such as and to complete worksheets which require them to use keywords to help them to find the answers within the website.  Students have also learned how to insert clipart into their Microsoft Word documents, learning to use this program as a desktop publishing program. Students in grade 3 will also be working on their visual storybooks, researching animals and using the Pixie program to show the research they have acquired.

Grades 3 through 8 will be sharpening their typing skills using our Type to Learn program.  All students in these grades should be bringing a folder with looseleaf paper and a pen or pencil to each computer class.  We will continue to have a variety of quizzes and tests to assess what they have learned, therefore, the students will still need to take notes and keep handouts for studying.  All grades are based upon a combination of class projects, quizzes and tests, and class participation and behavior.

Our Geek Squad students have been a tremendous help with our computer equipment throughout the building!  They are learning how to setup a complete computer system, troubleshoot problems, change printer cartridges, pack cartridges and cell phones for recycling, and much more!  They even teach me a thing or two!  I am very grateful for their responsibility and willingness to help and to learn!

We had a wonderful and informative presentation from the US Attorney’s Office on Internet Safety for our students and parents.  We thank them for their time and sharing their knowledge to help keep our students safe online!  We encourage students and parents to keep up to date with Internet Safety at all times!

Mrs. Dziok

Websites for Students and Parents - Wonderful websites for K-8 based on subject area.  Many great websites to choose from - online dictionary with pictures – for students of all ages - Scholastic website - for students of all ages – a beginning reading website for Grades K-3 – Grades K through 6 website to enhance classroom skills through online interactive games and review, as well as holiday games.  - wonderful website for children and holidays – wonderful website of games and activities for holidays (Be careful of some popups)  - Official website of the Iditarod - Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government – great website for information about our government – all ages - wonderful website to learn about our history  - Holocaust Museum and Google Earth – Grades 6 – 8 – Gives information through Google Earth about areas of our world affected by Holocaust
s - Interactive website to learn about the First Thanksgiving

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